The Best Time For Sex Tips


A lot of couples save sex for bedtime, but it’s not necessarily the best time.

Having it when you’re both exhausted can take away from the pleasure of getting there, and you may fall asleep before having a mind-blowing orgasm.

Experts say it’s better to go for it first thing in the morning. Why? Energy levels are at their peak and you’ll have more stamina.

1. Set a Date

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect sex partner or want to crank up your current love life, there are plenty of ways to get yourself in a mind-blowing mood for sexual pleasure. These expert-approved tips are sure to have you ready to have some fun in the bedroom.

First and foremost, you should set a date for sex. That way, you have a concrete goal in mind, and you can start to build up excitement for it throughout the day by engaging in a little light sexting or reading erotica. Just make sure you’re fully turned on and ready to go at least 45 minutes before your sexy evening begins.

Also, be honest with yourself about why you’re looking to have sex. Many women make the mistake of having sex too soon in hopes that it will prompt a guy to commit or fall in love with them, and this can backfire.

2. Make It a Date

If your sex life has become boring, plan for a steamy weekend night when you’re both free from work obligations. Put on some mellow music, order takeout and light candles for a romantic atmosphere. A change of scenery can also add to the mood, so go somewhere that is meaningful to you and your partner or one with a sexy history.

Spice up the evening by playing with foreplay. Touch each other in new ways, experiment with sex positions or add a vibrator or anal beads for extra stimulation. You can even dress in a costume (nurse, doctor, cowboy) for a fun and sensual twist.

Another fun and arousing way to kick start things is by making a “Yes, No, Maybe” list. Have each of you scribble down a few sexy moves that turn you on and then swap lists. Whether you’re looking for something mild or intense, there’s bound to be a move on the menu that’ll give you both orgasms. You can even try giving each other oral while doing this to arouse them more.

3. Make It a Night

If you’re a night owl, try scheduling sex before dinner. Research shows that it’s the best time of day for men and women to get in sync. While men have the most testosterone in the morning, women have their highest levels of estrogen in the afternoon, making them emotionally and physically more receptive to each other.

Plan an unforgettable evening together, and spice up your sexual experience by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. For example, take turns giving oral, and use your fingers to caress your partner’s tongue. Playing with anal foreplay can also be a great way to stimulate your partner’s pleasure receptors and build momentum toward climax.

Another great time to give sexy oral is while you’re in the shower. Just be sure you’re both clean and have brushed your teeth, and then have fun with sucking, licking, and caressing each other. You can even add arousing music to the mix to heighten the intensity of your experience.

4. Get Your Glow On

Get the mood started before sex with calming music or foreplay. “If you’re both feeling anxious, it can be hard to turn on,” says sex and relationship expert Marie Levine. Try doing a “commercial sex” game, where you each have four minutes to do anything to each other (from kisses to oral to intercourse) and then switch places.

Morning sex is also a great idea: Testosterone levels are higher in the morning, and morning lovers tend to be more sexually responsive. Try a few sexy toys, like a vibrator or anal beads, to add extra pleasure to your time together. And don’t forget the ambiance: candles, lighting, and scents can all have a big impact on your libido. For a more mind-blowing experience, hold a vibrator against your partner’s perineum or shaft during sex to increase the sensation. (Seriously, it’s a thing!)

5. Make It a Vibration

The idea of scheduling sex may seem a little controlling, but it might be just what you need to kick-start your mood. Just like you schedule time to workout and run errands, book some quality steamy time in your calendar.

The best time for sex is right around 3 pm, as both men and women are in sync at that point. While men are at their physical peak in the early and mid-morning (thanks to testosterone), they reach their highest estrogen levels later in the afternoon, making them more emotionally attuned to their partners. Meanwhile, women experience a high in cortisol, which boosts energy and alertness.

Even better, making love while on your period can reduce cramps by stimulating uterine contractions and releasing the feel-good hormones oxytocin and dopamine. So what are you waiting for?

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